Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Your chance Today our 1.99$ Monday Madness

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Our new mega GB    *Beautiful Summer Time*

Our new mega GB is in the store now!
*Beautiful Summer Time* Store Crabbag includes fantastic  elements 47, papers7
Participating designers: AlenkaVero The French Touch, Benthaicreations, JoeG Design,
Jasmin-Olya Designs, MagicalReality Design, Marta Designs, Papierstudio Silke,
Sekada Designs, Vesi designs, Yalana Designs
MagicalReality Design
All CU Save: 35% off

Marta Design
Marta Design Commercial Use 171  Marta Designs Commercial Use 172 
Yalana Designs Yalana Design CU vol.119 Yalana Design CU vol.109
Yalana Design CU vol.100 Yalana Design CU vol.96 Yalana Design CU vol.91
Andjelina Designs  Andjelina's Designs Ocean Set CU vol 91 Andjelina's Designs Pape pack CU vol 60
Andjelina's Designs Rope CU vol 57 Andjelina's Designs Ribbon CU vol 44 Andjelina's Designs Ribbon Button CU vol 17

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