Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our new mega GB is in the store now! *So..Cute*


New Exclusive CU in our new category in the store - Exclusive CU. You can buy this CU product ONLY in CU4YOU !!!

Our New Mega Grabbag!!
Store Grab Bag *So...Cute*

Our new mega GB is in the store now!
**So...Cute** Store Crabbag includes fantastic 62 elements,18papers,5WA
Participating designers: WendyP Designs, Alenka,Benthaicreations, Cucciola designs,Jasmin-OlyaDesigns, Delmik Design
LiseteScrap,MagicalReality Design,Marta Designs,Sekada Designs,Vesi designs,Yalana Designs, joeg580

Yalana Designs

Yalana Design CU vol.107 Yalana Design CU vol.102 Yalana Design CU vol.105

New Products For April

Yalana Design CU vol.109

$6.00CAD $4.80CAD
Save: 20% off

Marta Designs Commercial Use 125

$4.99CAD $3.99CAD
Save: 20% off

Yalana Design CU vol.108

$6.00CAD $4.80CAD
Save: 20% off

Papers CU vol.72 by Agnesingap designs


Vol. 89 to 92 by Doudou's Design

$22.00CAD $18.00CAD
Save: 18% off

cu pack095 by OlgaUnger Designs


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