Wednesday, April 13, 2011

About piracy and absolutely disreputable behavior some Designers and Stores.

Hi everybody!
I would like to open this topic and inform all Stores and Designers
about piracy and absolutely disreputable behavior some Designers and Stores.
Unfortunately a lot of stores have this problem when the customers after paying
get free access to products and after that they cancel the order and take money back
without any explanation.
Sometimes it happens. But absolutely inadmissible way
when these designers use these products to do Personal kits and to sell it in the store.
I think everybody has to know the Designer name and also the name of this Store.
I can explain why.
One month ago Cu4YOU store had the same problem and after canceling order the customer
whose name is *Scoubidoocreation* has bought products in CU4YOU and after paying
she got free access to products and after she cancelled this order.
I tried to contact with her and wrote that
I don't give her any permissions to use all these products of this canceled order.
There was a big surprise for me when I have seen that she made a PU kit
from this canceled order and sells it in the store .
So....I tried to contact with Store owner (Philippe) of this store..(Scrapmalin-digital)..
and She answered that she is not responsible about this.
In my opinion the Store owner first should take off this product from the store
because it is and her responsibility too .
But now I can see that they just has ignored my claim.
I think the Store owner (Philippe) like to cover up a piracy and disreputable behavior of her
designers , it means she agree with this and support these designers I should
to inform all customers,designers and all stores about dishonourableness
in this store (Scrapmalin-digital).Sorry I din't have a choice.


Store owner CU4YOU Andjelina
our Store


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