Sunday, July 18, 2010

NEW and Specials CU products today 18 July in CU4YOU and 1$ Monday Madness+ Amazing Sale in store

NEW and Specials CU products
today 18 July in CU4YOU

It is your last chance to buy Store Mega Grab Bags

NEW Store Mega Grab Bag 30% OFF
Our new mega GB is in the store now!


50% OFF All our Grabbags

1-2-3 $
Krakatuka Design Krakatuka Design
Krakatuka Design Krakatuka Design

Amazing close sale by ANJ designs
in CU4YOU till 31 July
Hurry up You cannot buy my CU products anymore in this store

Also You can see a lot of Freebie on my blog if you come more often
See for details

Tiramisu design CU vol.34Tiramisu design CU vol.32
Tiramisu design CU vol.31Tiramisu design CU vol.33

ALL CU 1 $
Jenny K Design Garden: Toys (CU)Jenny K Designs Lace and Mesh Mix,  CU
Jenny K Design Worn OverlaysJenny K Designs CU Flowers


Krakatuka Design Krakatuka Design

Tiramisu design CU Papers vol.3 Tiramisu design Christmas CU

Thank you for shopping with CU4YOU
our Store


  1. I'm so sad this store is closing, you have been my favorite store since you opened, and I will really miss it.

  2. i am also sad to see the store will closing.
    like the store and bought my most cu stuff here ...

    will miss you!
    all the best,
    Anja, Sunflowers Designs

  3. I will miss you, too.

    Do any of your designers have an "Okay for Freebies" TOU? Or possibly, one item per kit...something like that? I don't actually sell my kits.